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Do blogspot’s inactive blogs get deleted?

Do blogspot’s inactive blogs get deleted?

Do blogspot’s inactive blogs get deleted?

  1. Since it is dependent on the specific policies of Google, which owns Blogspot, there is no conclusive response to this query

  2. However, in order to keep their site current and prevent being erased by Google, bloggers are typically advised to provide fresh content at least every two to three months

  3. If a blogspot blog hasn’t been updated in a while, Google can decide to erase it

  4. There is no official Google policy that specifies whether or not this is the case, though

How to remove a blog from Blogger forever


Blogger has an end date.

Blogger does not run out of time. Users can build and post blogs on this free platform offered by Google.

Blogspot deletes them, right?

Blogspot does not remove them; but, if they are in violation of the TOS, they may be suspended.

How do I get my weblog back?

You can try to regain your blogspot account if you’ve lost access by using the instructions below:
Enter the email address linked to your blogger account on the Google Account Recovery page.
I don’t know my password, click that link.
Click “Submit” after entering the response to your account’s security question.

Do Google’s inactive accounts get deleted?

Although Google has not yet made any plans to deactivate inactive accounts public, this is a possibility in the future. Make sure to log in to your account at least once every two years if you want to keep it active.

Is blogger infected?

A virus is not Blogspot. It is a platform for hosting websites where users may publish and exchange blogs.


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