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How do I delete my Yahoo alternate email address?

How do I delete my Yahoo alternate email address?

How do I delete my Yahoo alternate email address?

  1. To access the Yahoo Account security page, go to http://www

  2. Yahoo

  3. Com/account/security Phone numbers and email addresses can be accessed by clicking on them

  4. Next to the Delete button, select the Edit option

  5. Select the option you want to get rid of from your account

  6. You can get rid of it by heading to My Account and deleting it there

  7. Confirm that the item has been removed

  8. By following the directions on the screen

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How can I get rid of a second email account?

To delete a service or account, go to the Delete a service or account page. Select Remove Account from the drop-down menu. At the bottom of the screen, click both windows.

How can I regain access to my Yahoo account if I don’t have a phone number or an alternate email address?

Fill out the form at yahoo.com using your email address. On the next screen, select Forgot password? Click I need more alternatives, then I need more options, and so on. For support, go to the Yahoo Help website. Fill in yours.

What’s the best way to unlink my Yahoo account?

Choose the choice for Settings. There are a few more options to choose from. From the drop-down option, choose Mailboxes. Select the account that you want to remove. If necessary, select Remove mailbox from the drop-down menu. To conclude, click Remove mailbox again to confirm your selections.

How do I get rid of my other account?

Open your phone’s Settings app. Go to Accounts and choose it. Go to Users & accounts and pick Accounts if it isn’t accessible. Choose the account you want to remove from the drop-down menu. Remove the account by going to the top of the page and choosing Remove Account. If this is the only Google Account on your phone, you’ll need to do so for security reasons.

How do I get rid of an outdated email address that keeps reappearing in my inbox?

It’s also not difficult to fix. To delete an old email address, go to the Window menu in Mail and select Previous Recipients. Then pick the Remove from List option next to the old email address. This should be done whenever you receive an email with the subject My email address has changed.


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