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How do I uninstall my 2019 Roblox game?

How do I uninstall my 2019 Roblox game?

How do I uninstall my 2019 Roblox game?

  1. To get rid of your Roblox game

  2. You must navigate to the Games tab, which is on the screen’s left side

  3. You’ll get a list of all your games when you get there

  4. Then click Delete after selecting the item you want to remove

  5. A pop-up will appear with a confirmation message that asks if youre sure that you want to delete this game

  6. Click Yes and it will disappear from your account

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Is it possible to remove Roblox games?

By selecting the desired game under the My Games page on the Roblox website, you can delete a Roblox game.

How is a game deleted?

Open the App Store and select the Updates option to remove a game from your iPhone. Navigate to the bottom of the screen by tapping the Purchased tab. You can tap on any game in the list of ones you’ve bought to delete it.

How can your Roblox gaming history be removed?

Go to the Settings tab and select Privacy Settings to remove your Roblox gaming history. You can then select Clear History and click the Confirm button.

How do I get rid of this?

By clicking the backspace key on your computer keyboard, you can remove this.

How can a game be removed from the game launcher?

Click on the game you wish to remove from the game launcher, and then click the X icon in the top right corner.


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