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How do I uninstall PUBG from Game Center?

How do I uninstall PUBG from Game Center?

How do I uninstall PUBG from Game Center?

  1. By navigating to your device’s settings and turning off Game Center, you can get rid of PUBG

  2. Uninstalling the app is the simplest approach to remove PUBG from Game Center

  3. Playable on iOS and Android devices, PUBG is a game

  4. The game cannot be deleted from your device, but it can be removed from Game Center

  5. To do this, locate PUBG in the list of programmes under Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management

  6. Next, select Delete App and then confirm

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How can I remove PUBG from Game Center’s links?

You must go the PUBG settings and choose Game Center in order to delink the game from Game Center. After choosing your Apple ID, click Remove Account.

How can I remove a game from Game Center’s links?

You can remove a game from Game Center if it is no longer on your phone. Go to Settings > Game Center if the game is on your phone. Tap Remove From Game Center after selecting the game you wish to delink from the Game Center.

The Game Center app cannot be deleted.

You must open the Settings app and scroll down to discover the Game Center app if you want to remove it from your iPhone. Once there, select Delete App and then click OK.

How do I remove game data from the iOS Game Center?

There are two methods for getting rid of gaming data in Game Center. The first step is to delete the game from your account in the app. The second method is to press on the app you wish to delete after going to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage. You will have the opportunity to delete it after choosing it.

Can a PUBG Mobile account be deleted?

All of your game progress will be lost if you decide to delete your account. This includes anything you’ve acquired using actual cash. It is better to uninstall the software and reinstall it if you wish to start over from scratch.


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