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How to disable Snapchat’s screenshot notification

How to disable Snapchat’s screenshot notification

How to disable Snapchat’s screenshot notification

  1. To disable Snapchat’s screenshot notifications

  2. Go to the settings after opening the app

  3. Screenshot Notifications can be found in the Additional Services section

  4. You’re good to go once you toggle it off

How to Remove the Snapchat Screenshot Alert


How do you receive notifications from Snapchat?

New Snapchat message notifications can be received in a few different ways. One is to enable the Chat feature in the app’s settings, which will notify you whenever a new message arrives. You may also add your Snapchat buddies to your phone’s contacts list and turn on name notifications.

Is it possible to limit your Snapchat alerts to only one user?

On Snapchat, there is not yet a mechanism to limit the alerts you get to just one user. However, you can mute notifications from certain people by going to their profile and tapping the gear icon in the top right corner, then selecting Mute.

Why do I keep receiving alerts when someone uses Snapchat?

You can be receiving notifications when someone is using Snapchat for a few different reasons. If the person you’re following has enabled Snapchat Stories alerts, you will receive a notification each time they publish a new story. Another possibility is that you are one of their Best Friends and that they have added you as a Friend. Every time a new snap is posted by a Best Friend, Snapchat will let you know.

Why can’t I view my alerts from Snapchat?

You might not be receiving Snapchat notifications for a few reasons. Your notifications might not be switched on, for example. To check this, launch the Snapchat app and click to the Settings menu. Make sure the Show My Status In Chat option is selected under the Notifications section.
It’s also possible that you have too many Snapchat buddies. The maximum number of friends that can give you notifications at once on the app is 10.

How do I enable notification settings?

Click the three dots in the top right corner of the post and choose Turn on notifications to enable notifications for that specific post. Then, if someone likes or comments on that post, you will be notified.


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