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On a Ruud furnace, where is the reset button located?

On a Ruud furnace, where is the reset button located?

On a Ruud furnace, where is the reset button located?

  1. On a Ruud furnace, the reset button is found at the end of the thermostat wire that protrudes from the right back corner of the appliance

  2. The furnace cannot be remotely reset, unlike many more recent types, and can only be physically reset by pushing and holding this button for about 30 seconds

  3. Avoid pressing the button before speeding up the blower motor to prevent the flame from going out

How to Fix a Furnace and Reset It


How can my Ruud furnace be reset?

The furnace is a tool used to heat and move air throughout a dwelling. One must first determine what kind of Rheem.Ruud furnace they have in order to know when the equipment has to be reset. Three buttons are all that the most basic of these models has: power, off, and auto. Pushing the power button for five seconds should switch on your furnace if you notice that it is not operating or tripping its circuit breaker.

On a Ruud electric furnace, where is the reset button?

It is advised to restart the furnace in the event of a power loss. On the control panel’s back right side, there is a reset button. Always unplug the device before attempting to move it or perform any maintenance on it for safety reasons. Contact a Ruud HVAC specialist for assistance if you are unable to reset your furnace.

Where is the furnace’s reset button?

The reset button on a furnace is often found in two convenient places: the top of the unit, which is usually right up against the wall, and near to where the power cable enters. It may be positioned on the bottom panel of a device that has a combustion air inlet. Depending on the system type, it will be labeled as reset, off, or resetting.

The reason why my Ruud furnace won’t light.

When the pilot is out, the gas valve is closed, or the thermocouple is unplugged, a furnace won’t light. A thermocouple is a safety device that turns off the furnace when it notices too much heat to reduce the risk of a fire. Computerized Ruud furnaces contain an igniter that burns for 10 to 15 seconds to fire the gas valve.

The reset button is not visible.

The computer tower is where you’ll find the reset button. To shut down and restart the computer, press the button. The BIOS, a programme that instructs the computer on how to start up and operate its programmes, can also be reset using this method.


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